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WorkFlow Engine™ – your key to best practice capabilities

The latest TridentGLOBAL system enhancement – the WorkFlow Engine™ – will help drive your global trade and logistics processes, and empower operational efficiencies and effectiveness, like you’ve never experienced before.

For busy export departments facing the challenge of managing a complex choreography of communications, people and processes, control over your workflow processes has never been easier.

This is because the TridentGLOBAL WorkFlow Engine™ enables you to automate the flow of information, tasks, and events in your workflow process.

  • In-built Business Rules
  • In-built Business Intelligence
  • In-built Best Practice

By examining your procedures and understanding your business rules, TridentGLOBAL Professional Services Consultants can map your processes to the WorkFlow Engine™.

The WorkFlow Engine™ will then automate alerts and reminders to ensure that, for example: containers are delivered to the wharf on time; Customs Clearance occurs before the vessel departs; and signed contracts are returned on time.

By defining and automating elements in your workflow, the WorkFlow Engine™ will dramatically improve your export management efficiencies.

Through a series of on-screen and email reminders, the agile WorkFlow Engine™ provides both internal and external end-users integral to the workflow process with:

  • Automatic Allocation of Tasks
  • Automatic Routing of Documents
  • Automatic Application of
  • Business Rules
  • Reminders
  • Prompts
  • Exception Notifications
  • Escalation Instructions
  • Actionable Items and Documents

The WorkFlow Engine™ in Action

If you need a Customs Clearance or declaration, we can direct the WorkFlow Engine™ to generate a follow up reminder for the whole Export Department or specific individuals.

A company has a business rule that trainee export officers or new employees require the signature of an authorising officer prior to a request for a Commercial Invoice. With the intelligent WorkFlow Engine™, they can now set automatic permission requests that will appear on the authorising officer’s screen.

The TridentGLOBAL WorkFlow Engine™ drives best practice in export management processes.

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