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Customs – ICS Export Declaration

TridentGLOBAL allows you to significantly reduce your export risk. ICS Export Declaration is an easy to use Export Clearance and Reporting system. It allows exporters and agents to communicate with the Australian Customs Service (ACS) via its Integrated Cargo System (ICS) for the creation of export declarations and the receipt of Export Declaration Numbers (EDNs). EDNs are then automatically downloaded into relevant TridentGLOBAL documents. A valid EDN will allow you to transport the goods for export to the Container Terminal Operator (CTO).

Customs – ICS Export Sub Manifest

This is used for the declaration of consolidated goods to Australian Customs and allows the declaration of sub manifests in order to obtain Consolidation Reference Numbers (CRNs). The CRN will then allow the goods to be transported to the CTO ready for export.

Customers who consolidate prescribed goods will also be able to transmit DEPREC (Depot Export Receival) and DEPREL (Depot Export Release) messages to Customs. These notices are only sent to Customs if the goods that are being consolidated are considered as high risk excisable goods and therefore need to be consolidated in an s77G Depot.

Customs – ICS Export Warehouse

This is required by exporters of prescribed goods (under Section 102A) that are considered as high risk excisable goods by Australian Customs (such as spirits, cigarettes and tobacco). Warehouse and Depot reporting to Customs is managed by the module under the common term ‘movements’.

Exporters are required to submit WARREL (Warehouse Export Release) and WARRET (Warehouse Export Return) Notices to Customs to alert them of the movement of these high risk goods to and from their s79 Warehouse, prior to export.

Department of Agriculture EXDOC

The TridentGLOBAL EXDOC software is accredited by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to provide electronic submission of the Request for Permit (RFP) and the delivery of health certificates via the EXDOC system for Meat, Dairy, Fish, Grain, Horticulture, Wool, Skins Hides.

Simple Export Declaration Number (EDN) requirements can normally be handled by the Single Electronic Window (SEW) that is part of the EXDOC system. If your requirements are more complex, the addition of the TridentGLOBAL ICS Export Declaration module may be of benefit.

Department of Agriculture Primary Industry

This module can be used with the pre-printed Department of Agriculture forms (or plain paper where approved by the Department of Agriculture) to produce the required certificates. It can be used in parallel with the EXDOC system.

Permit Issuing Authorities – Wine Australia

The Trident export management solution is fully integrated with the current Wine Export Approval (WEA) System. This enables wine exporters to automate compliance by sending data electronically to Wine Australia.

Export Documentation Terms

ACS – Australian Customs Service , EDN – Export Declaration Number, EDI User – any person or company registered to submit information to EXDOC , EPN – Export Permit Number, ER – Establishment Register, EXDOC – EXport DOCumentation, NOI – Notice of Intention, RFP – Request for Permit and SEW – Single Electronic Window.

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