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Hosted Service

TridentGLOBAL Hosted solution enables your company to access TridentGLOBAL over the internet by accessing a secure cloud-based facility on TridentGLOBAL servers.

In many respects, TridentGLOBAL hosted solution delivers substantial benefits over the traditional on-site software installation model. Benefits include:

  • Empowers your staff to access TridentGLOBAL over the internet from anywhere in the world, at any time and from any PC
  • Reduces your company’s IT capital expenditure, operating and support costs
  • Frees companies from the responsibility of supporting the product using internal IT resources
  • Ensures that your team are using the very latest version of TridentGLOBAL and accessing the latest enhancements
  • Enables faster case resolution turnaround times

TridentGLOBAL uses industry-leading data safety practices and technologies to ensure that your data is protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Great Service Guaranteed…

TridentGLOBAL is delivered via a hosting infrastructure that enables the delivery of a fast and reliable service to our customers.

Our hosting partner provides an exceptional service and guarantees maximum availability and reliability of the service.

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