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The export process is made easy from the moment an order is placed “

Nadine Logan – Export Administrator, Ridley Agri Products

CustomerCare support you with a proactive, responsive and ‘can-do’ approach

Care by Phone

Care by Email

Remote Access

Customer Care Portal

TridentGLOBAL ensures that your once the project is implemented you continue to receive continued attention, support and the very best levels of service through our CustomerCare Support team.

You will find the TridentGLOBAL CustomerCare team’s problem solving skills are complemented by their strong inter-personal communication skills and ‘can-do’ approach to every task they undertake.

CustomerCare Support is provided by phone, email, remote access and via TridentGLOBAL’s CustomerCare Portal.

CustomerCare activities include:

  • Provision of the latest software releases and patches
  • Ongoing Compliance Updates
  • Operational communications about queuing issues, including EFIs, PRAs AQIS, AWBC, Customs.
  • Additions of new users including the capture of signature images
  • TridentGLOBAL registration and license code updates
  • Changes to company, site, exporter details
  • Maintenance of global data lookups e.g. AHECC, COO details, Port codes, ship codes
  • Password resets
  • Remote software upgrade delivery
  • All issues related to software not performing as documented
  • Printing issues
  • TridentGLOBAL specific email communication issues
  • Enhancement suggestions
  • Remote Access setup
  • Right to use the software
  • Newsletters and notifications of new enhancements
TridentGLOBAL recognises that there are additional services you may require which are not covered under our CustomerCare agreement.

These activities will be scoped and delivered through our Application Service Consultants.

These activities can include, but are not limited to:

  • Configuration or installation of 3rd Party Software (e.g. MS SQL Server, Citrix)
  • Database restore/rebuilds and corruption issues
  • Registrations and testing with 3rd parties
  • Template setup
  • Grid Configuration changes
  • Interface Changes
  • Hardware related incidents
  • Enhanced Data Flow Thru development
  • Rectification of collation errors
  • Server migrations
  • Custom Report Development
  • Onsite Visits
  • Site Reviews
  • Test system installation and configuration
  • Training for new users
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