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Packaged Food

The Packaged Food export industry solution covers all fast moving consumer goods.

Case Studies:

Robern Menz

Robern Menz Case Study

Our Customers include:

TridentGLOBAL provides a total documents and clearance package. The staff and the solution satisfy our needs

Belinda McNamara – Export Administrator, Robert Menz


The Manufacturing industry export solution addresses the needs of every type of company including electronics, clothing, building materials, chemicals, machinery, pharmaceuticals and recycled products.

Case Studies:

Lyondell Basell

Lyondell Basell Case Study

Pentair Valves & Controls

Pentair Valves and Controls Case Study

Our Customers include:

Since the implementation of TridentGLOBAL, my documentation processing time has halved. Creating and amending documents has never been easier

Susan Bartolic – Export/Import Operations Ocer, LyondellBasell Australia



The Wine, Beer and Spirits export industry solution covers all alcoholic beverages.

Case Studies:

Taylors Wines

Taylors Case Study

Our Customers include:

The export documentation process is much quicker with Trident. The TridentGLOBAL system provides us with a snapshot of
the entire export process at any point in time. This allows us to analyse, report and action any issues faster

Kaye Oliver – Export Officer, Taylors Wines

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