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TridentGLOBAL has ensured we meet our compliance requirements easily.

Minimise Risks

Reduce Costs

Increase Efficiencies

Master Compliance Requirements

Accurate Decisions

Increase Profitability

Drive improved global trade and logistics performance, productivity and profitability with TridentGLOBAL.

TridentGLOBAL helps exporters to design and implement information management and business process improvements that enable them to improve global trade and logistics performance, productivity and profitability.

Spanning every process in the export operation, from order stage to payment, TridentGLOBAL intelligent and agile global trade and logistics management software can support any scale of operation and help an organisation manage shipments in a multi-country, multi-exporter and multi-user environment.

By enabling organisations to automate, integrate and streamline their global trade and logistics management processes, and uniting their people, processes and technologies in new and improved ways, TridentGLOBAL provides exporters and traders a comprehensive solution to the challenges they encounter in managing complex international trade processes.

TridentGLOBAL will enable your company to:

  • Minimise Risks
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Efficiencies
  • Master Compliance Requirements
  • Make Faster, Accurate and Profitable Decisions

It is for these reasons that TridentGLOBAL has set the worldwide standard for global trade and logistics management software. This should come as no surprise. After all, it is our mission to make international trade easy.

Intelligent Answers to the Challenges of Global Trade

Our FULLY integrated suite of software modules span the five key functional aspects of exporting, namely:

Document Management – Experience unprecedented document management control, efficiencies and accuracy using the TridentGLOBAL Document Management Solution.

Compliance Management– Communicate directly with all external parties involved in the export process, and create, send and receive health certificates, notices and permits electronically using the TridentGLOBAL Compliance Solution.

Supply Chain Management – Capture, unify and optimise your myriad supply chain events in one central location using the TridentGLOBAL Supply Chain Management Solution.

Management – Monitor, manage and control global trade and logistics processes using the TridentGLOBAL Management Solution.

Integration – Create company-wide workflow efficiencies when you interface TridentGLOBAL with your ERP or order management systems.

Features of TridentGLOBAL software are its WorkFlow Engine™ and enhanced DataFlowThru capabilities. These will help automate your workflow processes by providing prompts, exception notifications, approval requests and various other triggers and reminders, and save you from having to re-key information numerous times and also reduce administrative errors.

TridentGLOBAL can be deployed in two distinct ways, these being:

  1. Hosted Solution – where your software solution is hosted by TridentGLOBAL and can be accessed online at any time and at any place in the world
  2. Traditional On-site installation

Does your business meet all the necessary requirements?   

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