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Export Health Checklist

This questionnaire is designed to help exporters examine their company’s current export management practices and diagnose why they encounter issues such as delayed shipments, fines, increased costs and restricted cash flows.
There are sections covering the five functional aspects of export management, which are relevant to all exporters, namely documentation, compliance, shipping and management.

You will receive a score once you complete the health check. This will help you assess the ‘health’ of your company’s current export management practices. It also recommends remedies for the issues that your company may be encountering.



1. Risk of administrative and documentary errors

Do you find that manual inputs, copying-and-pasting and re-keying tasks increase the incidence of data entry errors that cause issues such as customs clearance delays and the inaccurate execution of orders?

2. Control of export procedures and workflow processes

Do your company’s export procedures, business rules and workflow processes only exist within paper-based documents, manuals and/or in the minds of key staff?

3. Availability and accuracy of export information

Do you have to search through mounds of paperwork, spreadsheets and/ or multiple software applications to source, interpret and report on the status or performance of your company’s export activities?

4. Perceived level of customer service

Do your customers experience missed deadlines, late deliveries and inaccurate execution of orders for reasons that are within your control, and which compromise your business relationship with them?


5. Letter of credit compliance performance

Do data discrepancies within documentary letters of credit ever cause late presentation and subsequent delays in shipping and payment?

6. Cost and quality of out-sourced documentation preparation

Does your company experience difficulties in consistently presenting documentation that satisfies your customer’s import requirements?


7. Visibility of shipment and associated costs

Is it difficult for you to determine the real-time status of a shipment at any specific time?

8. Handling of critical dates and deadlines

Is your system incapable of pro-actively reminding or alerting you of impending important dates and deadlines, such as sailing dates and flight times?


9. Compliance

Do you find it difficult to consistently meet the regulatory requirements of government agencies, and so find it challenging clearing shipments on occasion?


10. Integration of export activities with main / other company systems

Do you have to re-enter the same information into multiple, disparate systems due to lack of integration?

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