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The TridentGLOBAL solution is critical to the success of our exporting.

Marino Glumelli – Inbound Logistics Coordinator, BHP Billiton Nickel

In-Built Compliance is Integral to TridentGLOBAL Design

Master Compliance

Improve Turnaround

Rapid Response

Full Audit Trail

Non-compliance can be costly – shipments sitting on a wharf waiting for customs clearance stall cashflow and compromise valuable business relationships.

The TridentGLOBAL Compliance module will protect your company from significant penalties, shipment delays and lost revenue resulting from compliance related issues. This is because compliance best practice is integral to its design.

The TridentGLOBAL Compliance Module will enable your company to:

  • Master compliance requirements
  • Improve turnaround times
  • Rapidly respond to the requirements of various regulatory bodies and / or approvals and rejections
  • Retain a full audit trail of communications
TridentGLOBAL Compliance module features include:

  • In-Built Compliance Rules
  • Continuously Updated Regulatory Controls and Rules, so that they remain current to international Customs and Quarantine requirements
  • Drive and Control Compliance Processes – providing prompts, exception notifications, approval requests and various other triggers and reminders required to your ensure that your shipment is compliant.

Integration with Regulatory and Permit Issuing Authorities – enabling your company to communicate electronically with:

  • Australian Customs through its Integrated Cargo System (ICS)
  • US Customs and Border Protection via its Automated Export System
  • Department of Agriculture and Water Resources through its EXDOC System
  • US Department of Agriculture
  • Chambers of Commerce for stamping Certificates of Origin through eCertify system
  • Ports and Shipping Carriers and other Permit Issuing Authorities
  • Banks via the Letter of Credit Interface
  • Wine Australia

Does your business meet all the necessary requirements?   

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