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We were able to speed up the whole process with accuracy.

Miriam Reich – Export Manager, Codan

Our solution – a central, unified view of supply chain reality

Real-time Visibility

Shipment Information

Reduce Data Entry

Event Tracking

Supply chain and logistics teams all around the world understand that the physical movement of goods across borders is dependent on the movement of information. Indeed, information exchange is the lifeblood of any export transaction – and insufficient, inaccurate or incomplete information can cause chaos in the supply chain.

The solution to these ever increasing information management challenges is to ensure that your team, suppliers and trading partners have access to the information they need to make the right decision.

The TridentGLOBAL Shipment Management solution enables exporting organisations to capture, unify and optimise a myriad of supply chain events and information in one central location.

These capabilities, of course, will help your company to significantly improve inter-departmental, third party supplier and trading partner collaboration, information exchange and understandings, such as:

  • Provide users a visibility of inventory and shipments
  • Provide suppliers with order acknowledgement and shipment information
  • Integrate packers information and pack status
  • Integrate with other third party service providers to increase visibility and reduce data entry tasks
  • Event tracking and management

Manage logistics activies from your desktop

The TridentGLOBAL Supply Chain Management solution will help your company to integrate, organise, coordinate and manage your varied logistics activities with efficiency and ease and enable your team to:

  • Gain real-time logistics visibility
  • Manage bookings
  • Manage, track and monitor vessels, consignments and containers
  • Optimise transport schedules
  • Integrate with logistics providers
  • Electronically create and lodge Pre-Receival Advice (PRA) and Electronic Forwarding Instructions (EFI) with terminals operators via One-Stop and DP World, and shipping lines via INTTRA and BabelBridge
  • Electronically lodge all documents needed to satisfy an export order

Never miss a mission critical date and deadline again! Your solution can be configured so that your staff receive system generated alerts, prompts, exception notifications, approval requests and various other triggers and reminders that they require to ensure that your company doesn’t miss a shipping deadline (for reasons that are within its control).

Does your business meet all the necessary requirements?   

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