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From the CEO’s Desk


Welcome to the first edition of A Global View for 2016.

In this issue we look at the benefits of a Hosted Solution, Compliance, Version 10, free trade agreements and more.

As international trade has become the framework for prosperity in a highly globalised world, free trade agreements have allowed producers to spread their products and innovations and receive them in return at a much more efficient rate. With the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) coming into fruition on the horizon, there are important ways in which companies can take advantage of the free trade agreements already in place and those that are yet to come.

The benefits of free trade agreements include fostering freer trade flows and creating stronger ties with our trading partners, eliminating tariffs and addressing behind-the-border barriers impeding the flow of goods and services between parties to name a few.

The end of 2015 also saw an exciting development for TridentGLOBAL with the announcement of our new website which we encourage you to have a look at

I look forward to working with you to support your company’s global growth as you strive to capitalise on new and exciting opportunities in 2016.

Carman Rossi


TridentGLOBAL Hosted Solution

 Why TridentGLOBAL Hosted?

As the world moves towards cloud-based technology, you can rest assured your export solution will always be up-to-date and secure with the TridentGLOBAL Hosted Solution.

TridentGLOBAL Hosted solution enables your company to access TridentGLOBAL online by accessing a secure hosted facility on TridentGLOBAL servers.

This solution empowers your staff to access TridentGLOBAL online anywhere in the world, at any time and from any PC.

Not only this, but it reduces your company’s IT capital expenditure, operating and support costs and frees companies from the responsibility of supporting the product using internal IT resources.

Our hosting partner provides an exceptional service and guarantees maximum availability and reliability of the services.

Contact us today to find out more about the TridentGLOBAL Hosted Solution. After all, it is our mission to make international trade easy.

Export Insights


 Introduction of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

On December 20, 2015 the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) entered into force enabling exporters to reap the substantial benefits secured through the negotiation. 

Australia’s Minister for Trade and Investment, Andrew Robb said this was a most significant moment as the government’s key objective – despite a very tight timeframe – was to see ChAFTA operational before the end of 2015.

“This will save our exporters hundred-of-millions-f-dollars in extra tariff payments next year along compare to if entry into force had been delayed until sometime in 2016.”

ChAFTA’s entry into force rounds out a powerful trifecta of trade deals that the government has sealed with three of our four largest export markets – China, Japan and Korea – covering 49 per cent of Australian exports.

Integration – Your Key To Increased Efficiencies

TridentGLOBAL sophisticated integration capabilities enable organisations to integrate data inputs and processed from both internal and external systems.

By integrating with you internal systems, such as ERP, Order Entry, Warehouse and Invoicing systems, any information you enter flows directly into TridentGLOBAL and export documents such as the Commercial Invoice, Packing List, through to Shipping Management of Export Declaration Numberss and Pre-Receival Advice interfaces. This ensures your company operates at peak efficiencies, and decreases incidence of errors cause by manual data re-entry.  

The Universal Interface enables the flexibility of a fully customised interface to be created, including the application of business logic, data transformation, calculation and other processes as part of the interfacing process.

Contact us today to discover how we can configure TridentGLOBAL to help your company streamline your supply chain management processes, integrate your internal and external systems and reduce your costs. 


  From the CEO’s Desk 

  Are You Compliant?

  Why Hosted?

  CustomerCare Portal 

  Export Insights


  Version 10


  New Website


Are You Compliant?

Reduce the risk of costly delays, missed shipments and increased stress using TridentGLOBAL Compliance module. 


Non-compliance can be costly – containers sitting on a wharf awaiting customs clearance slows cashflow, delays shipment and can compromise valuable business relationships. 


The TridentGLOBAL
Compliance module presents a solution to such issues with its:

> in-built compliance rules

> continuously updated  regulatory controls
> electronic interfaces with government agencies


TridentGLOBAL can ensure your shipments are compliant with current international customs and quarantine requirements, reduce errors caused by misinterpretation of documentation and help you rapidly respond to rejections or information requests. 


Contact us today to find out how TridentGLOBAL Compliance solution can help you reduce the risk of customs/quarantine clearance delays.



CustomerCare Portal

For rapid response to your support requests use the TridentGLOBAL
CustomerCare Portal!

Here at TridentGLOBAL we provide our customers with high levels of customer service and support. Use the TridentGLOBAL CustomerCare Portal to submit your support requests in the first instance.  

Our support service will:

> enable you to identify the system area and issue you are experiencing from a series of dropdown boxes

monitor the status of your case by providing you real-time progress updates

> search for solutions on our database

> receive a fast response to your support requests

Your use of the TridentGLOBAL CustomerCare Portal will enable our support team to dedicate increased time to responding to your support requests.

Don’t have a login? Head to the Contact Us page, select Support and fill in the form to be provided with your login details. Our friendly Support Staff will also demonstrate how to use the facility.


TridentGLOBAL Version 10

Our solution – a central, unified view of supply chain reality

TridentGLOBAL is an integrated suite of software modules spanning the five key functional aspects of exporting, namely:

Integration, Global Supply Chain, Documentation, Compliance, Management. 

The TridentGLOBAL Supply Chain Management solution enables exporting organisations to capture, unify and optimise a myriad of supply chain events and information in one central location.

By consolidating a vast array of information from a multitude of sources, TridentGLOBAL can connect and integrate your organisation’s supply chain participants via the TridentGLOBAL Supply Chain Portal and enable them to view, access, enter and amend data.

These capabilities, of course, will help your company to significantly improve inter-departmental, third party supplier and trading partner collaboration, information exchange and understandings.

Contact us today to talk about upgrading to Version 10.



Global Grain Asia has established itself as the market leader for both timely content and excellent networking opportunities.

The event, to be held in Singapore March 1 – 3 connects the global community for grains and oilseeds with the largest demand market. 

The conference will once again bring expert speakers together to focus on the region’s consumption trands and trading opportunities in the context of global production outlooks and macroeconomic conditions. 

Declining demand could be further compounded by foreign exchange rates as the US dollar strengthens against South East Asian currencies devaluing to close to the 1997-98 Asian crisis levels.

Producers and suppliers continue to recognise the importance of the region and as end-users are increasingly educated on quality and origins competition for market share keeps prices low. Government policy, weather and logistics also continue to impact the grains and oilseeds markets.

China’s demand may be stuttering and worrying signs have been seen in their economy this year, but will this see a dramatic knock on effect to other Asian countries or will we see slow growth replaced by slower decline.

These key topics and more will be discussed at the event and TridentGLOBAL will be in attendance


  TridentGLOBAL launch new responsive website!

TridentGLOBAL announced the launch of their newly designed website which is now live at tridentglobal.com.au

As an export solution provider, it is important for us to make information regarding solution, services and the latest company news easily accessible. We make it a point to share our knowledge and expertise in the field of international trade.

We also wanted to give you an opportunity to know us better; who we are as a company and the leaders driving the TridentGLOBAL team. By browsing our Why TridentGLOBAL and About Us, you’ll get a pretty good idea of who we are, what we do and what others are saying about us.

You’ll find our new site is divided into nine sections: Home, Why TridentGLOBAL, About Us, Our Solutions, Services, Industries, Communication Centre, Contact Us and the CustomerCare Portal can be accessed should you need to contact our Support Team. 

Our team has worked collaboratively to put together the new website rich in information to be used as a resource just for you. We pride ourselves on being a leader in the export solution field. After all, it is our mission to make international trade easy.

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