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Inefficient Export Management Practices
A Costly Oversight

By any measure, global trade management is a challenging process. Because export departments are responsible for managing a complex choreography of communications, people and processes, exporting shipments on-time and to budget can present real challenges.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development estimates that the average international transaction involves up to:

  • 27 to 30 different parties,
  • 40 documents, and
  • 200 data elements.

However, research shows that 64% of businesses continue to manage complicated export processes using tools not designed for the purpose: antiquated paper-based processes, Excel spreadsheets, whiteboards, and/or a range of disparate systems.

Consequently, exporters are exposed to

  • Delays and fines caused by compliance and documentation errors
  • Erosion of margins due to unanticipated increased supply chain costs
  • Delayed shipments and long lead times
  • Increased stress experienced by staff dealing with unexpected critical issues outside of their control
  • Increased administrative costs associated with retrieving files, searching for misfiled documents and photocopying

TridentGLOBAL – A State of the Art Global Trade Management Solution

That’s where TridentGLOBAL comes in. Our philosophy is simple: bring together the global trade and logistics experts as high-performing, collaborative teams that focus on solving key challenges that our clients encounter in multi-country, multi-exporter and multi-user environment.

TridentGLOBAL helps you achieve:

  • Seamless Integration
  • Streamlined Global Supply Chain Management
  • Unparalleled Document Management
  • Stress free Global Trade Compliance
  • Complete visibility and control with industry best Management tools

*Aberdeen Group Research (2010) benchmarking report Global Trade Management – Strategies for Mastering Trade Compliance and Supply Chain Complexity link.

Our Clients Speak for us

  • "The TridentGLOBAL solution is critical to the success of our exporting. The Support Team is always willing to tailor solutions that are specific to our requirements. The promptness of response to questions and issues that we have experienced from time to time has been outstanding."

    Marino Giumelli
    Marino GiumelliInbound Logistics, BHP Nickel West
  • “TridentGLOBAL solution significantly reduces manual entry and subsequent errors, while providing the highest quality documentation.”

    Frank Boulton
    Frank BoultonUranium Logisitcs Manager, BHP Uranium
  • “Through the Trident System the export process is made easy from the moment an order is placed to providing all documentation as required by the customer to clearing the goods to the wharf and shipment. All documentation including AQIS certification is made available through this system and we can advise customers if special requirements are needed to export to particular countries.”

    Nadine Logan
    Nadine LoganExport Administrator, Ridley AgriProducts
  • “We already had an export documentation system, but the volume of our consignments really warranted a system that would improve efficiency by effective management. The speed and ease of the Trident solution were the main contributing factors for the upgrade. We were able to speed up the whole process with accuracy. The data flow through and flexible document titles save time and, by reducing duplication of data input there is less chance of errors”.

    Miriam Reich
    Miriam ReichExport Department Team Leader , CODAN

Does your business meet all the necessary requirements?   

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